Leticia De Leon

I believe that the most powerful people in the world are teachers.  This is why there are so many mechanisms at work trying to take it away. 

I created Powerby3 to help teachers keep or get their professional powers back. 

My name is Leticia De León, and I have been a teacher for 26+ years, and counting.  I understand and have lived teacher power because I’ve had it.  I have also had it taken away.

I have a Pinterest board called, “Intelligence Outside the Box”.  It isn’t about intelligence.  Or the box.  It’s a collection of sayings, quotes, proverbs, smack talk, and general, random—sometimes trite—descriptions that say what I sometimes can’t with my simple words:  to understand your personal power, you must first be stripped of it.

Intelligence Outside the Box

I do not mean to sound so bleak, though.  My journey as a teacher, just like all teachers who love their craft, has been of joy and growth.  I just don’t want to gloss over the fact that teaching is also stressful, and it is to the stresses that make us feel powerless to help our students, that I wish Powerby3 to be of most use. 

More on my professional experience and education in my Resume.